Family camping

The pleasure of camping with family

Family camping is a great adventure for your children, and a good base for other activities or days out.

Your guide to family camping

Your guide to family camping

There are few rites of passage as exciting as taking a child on his or her first camping trip.

Camping tips

Plan a successful family camping trip

Camping holidays

Camping holidays

Before you go on a camping holiday with your family, make sure you are sufficiently informed about camping ideas, the best areas for camping, departures and facilities at the campsites.

Camping car rental

If you are not one of the camping holiday addicts and do not already have your own camping car or mobile home, the camping car rental is your only alternative for camping.

Car accessories

A few accessories in addition to the standard camping car equipment are indispensable for going on a camping holiday: swimming and cycling accessories are the most emblematic.

Family tent

Family tent

The choice of your tent will depend on how you travel and move around. Several criteria will have to be taken into account: the weight of the tent, its compactness, ease of assembly, etc…

trip in a camping-car

Preparing your trip in a camping-car

Going on holiday in a camping-car it is preferable mainly with friends, with an association,.. This is to establish the itinerary, to be insured and to have social security cover in the case of an accident. More on

Camping activities

From the Camping car to Paintball

If you are looking for adventure tourism, a visit to the paintball fields is highly recommended. This group game will encourage you to take part in family paintball sessions at your campsite. More ideas on

Alphabet game: one of the favourites of camping games. Search the campground or trail for things that start with each letter of the alphabet, in order.

Group Storytelling: One person starts the story with a sentence that sets the scene. Then the next person is going to add a sentence, and so on.

Camping tips & tricks

Family camping tips that will ensure an awesome time

family camping

camping holidays

Camping with kids

Health & safety tips

Camping health and safety tips

Camping health and safety tips

Camping is a fun way to get family and friends together to enjoy the outdoors. Ensure your camping trip is safe and healthy.

Camping-car selection

Camping-car selection

Whether you are an occasional camper or a camper van holiday lover, you can benefit enormously from the internet in terms of campsite selection.

Camping themes

Camping themes

For an unforgettable holiday know that changing the theme of the camping trip from year to year makes you feel like you’re experiencing your camping holiday.

Family holidays

Family parks and campsites


Wild camping

Camping in the mountains

Camping with family in the heart of nature

Camping with family in the heart of nature


Beach camping

Aquatic activity in seaside camping

Family parks and campsites

Camping checklist

Family camping essentials checklist

Camping is a fun, affordable and easy way to escape outdoors with your family. But nothing can ruin a wilderness weekend like forgetting an essential piece of gear. Covering basics and beyond, keep these lists handy when you head out on your next family camping trip, so you can be sure you haven’t missed a thing.