Tips for planning your holiday at the campsite

Published on : 02 June 20203 min reading time

Camping holidays are not improvised. Every year, France welcomes more than 8 million campers. Camping is undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of holiday accommodation, mainly for its economic aspect but also for various reasons. However, for a successful camping holiday, it is best to take the time to get well organised as early as possible. Here are a few tips to help you plan your camping holiday.

Preparing for your trip

To spend a pleasant holiday at the campsite, you need to plan everything in advance so that you can leave in peace and quiet. For the destination, you should know that France has more than 10,000 addresses of accommodation sites. The choice is yours, whether you want to camp by the sea or in the mountains. To get an idea of the necessary budget, don’t hesitate to ask for a quote from different accommodation.

As far as booking is concerned, it is recommended that you make your reservation several weeks before your departure as you will probably not be the only people who will have chosen the same campsites. The earlier you book, the better the pitches you will be able to choose from.

Identifying individual needs

A successful stay is above all a stay without any headache or unpleasant surprises. So make sure that the accommodation you choose offers entertainment suitable for everyone. Besides, holidays are meant to be fun, right? Whether you’re with family, friends or a couple, everyone wants to enjoy their relaxing moments in their own way. Visits to museums, sports activities, walks by the sea… there’s no shortage of activities, except that the expectations are not the same.

To ensure that everyone is satisfied, it is always useful to determine each person’s desires. So you can choose your destination and your campsite according to this criterion. However, not every wish may be satisfied, but it is always better to address this problem before you leave in order to find a solution. For your children, go to a campsite blog which has a children’s club to discover the activities offered for toddlers, this will guarantee you a quieter holiday. Also, you can always find out what kind of entertainment you can access once you arrive for your outings in the city.

Check your equipment

Identity card, passport, driver’s license and others are of course among the essentials. On the other hand, here is a list of the most useful camping equipment: tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, matches, torch, parasol. Cleaning and hygiene products as well as some cooking equipment are also necessary. In order not to overload yourself, ask about the equipment provided by the establishment. Some sites have, for example, fully equipped tents.

It is also very important to take into account the period of time you will be camping. The equipment you will need in the cold season is not the same as the equipment you will need in the summer. On the other hand, before you leave, remember to check the condition of your equipment so that it will not be defective once you are there. If your equipment is new, take the time to test it because there is nothing more annoying than having a faulty tool.

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