What fun is autumn camping?

Published on : 02 June 20202 min reading time

With the hot summer days behind us, camping takes on a new life. Chilly mornings, perfect and warm weather for a hike, food and comfort all come together to make camping a “must-do” for every nature lover. If you are not convinced, here are some good reasons to keep your tent a little longer.

In almost every part of the country, beautiful colours reign during the autumn season, making it a picturesque time to go camping. Many destinations are known for their seasonal ranges, there are a number of places and campsites to go to for a charming fall trip. Some of the best states for fall camping are: Colorado, Washington, New Mexico, Michigan, or North Carolina. You can easily enjoy watching the ridge of sunshine in the east, clinging to your hot mug, the steam rising in the cool morning air. Coffee or hot chocolate will never taste better than on a crisp autumn morning. With the right clothing and camping gear, these temperatures make your campsite more comfortable than in the hot humidity of summer.

During Autumn, several specialist agencies, holding many sites for camping in France, lower their rates. After the high season behind you, it is now time to get the most affordable rates for your holiday campsite. Temperatures in Autumn dispel the usual spillover of the disadvantages of a warmer climate. This makes nature campsites, which are often flooded by mosquitoes and stubborn insects, more comfortable. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to keep precautions such as anti-insect bombs, just in case. Sharing a small sleeping space in the summer months can make your camping tent even more unbearable in hot weather. However, sleep is more comfortable on cool Autumn nights. Cuddling up with your little ones or other loved ones for a long, restful sleep under the stars will be more available in Autumn. The fall season is also the perfect time for a picture of the different activities at the campsite. When you go camping in the fall, you can try apple picking, pumpkin picking and carving, harvest parties, Halloween events, fall fishing tournaments. In short, in Autumn as in Summer or in any season, it is always possible to camp in nature, you just have to be properly equipped.

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