The motorhome in Latin America: Experience it with your family

Between the wonders of Peru, the heights of the Andes or the animation of Brazil, we would like to be able to visit all Latin America without any constraint. The puzzle of hotel reservations, for example, is a real headache for many people. An economical and practical solution for a trip in complete freedom: the motorhome!

Only one watchword: preparation

Choosing to go on a motorhome trip means opting for a trip with complete freedom. Gone are the constraints of booking a hotel room at every stage, the food you don't know how it was prepared or the imposed itineraries of organised trips. Whatever the places to visit, you remain free to organize yourself as you wish. Cheap camping by the sea, as well as in other places, becomes possible: all you have to do is pay for your pitch and enjoy the beach, the sea, the mountains, in short, whatever you feel like doing. The rest you have with you. When renting your vehicle, make sure that the motorhome equipment you have meets your needs. In Latin America, there are certain essentials. First of all, make sure the chassis is high enough: there are plenty of holes and bumps, as well as speed bumps on the roads. Then, you will need a converter, as some regions are still powered by 110V. On the electronic side, since you alone decide your route, it is preferable that the motorhome be equipped with a GPS. This will not only show you your position wherever you are, but also your altitude. This will allow you to adapt the parameters of your motorhome according to the external conditions. A reversing camera for the motorhome is also not superfluous. It's not always easy to manoeuvre a vehicle of this size, and you'll save yourself a lot of trouble. The ideal way to take off with the family is to have built-in motorhome accessories. Basics such as a toilet or a shower cubicle become indispensable. This way you keep your little world in view, which is handy if you have small children. And when it comes to hygiene, this is of course the safest option compared to common showers in camping areas. Finally, in Latin America, gas is precious, and is not always easy to find. So think about accessorising your motorhome with a small electric radiator, for cold nights or nights at high altitude.
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