Buying a special mattress for a comfortable camping trip

If you are planning to go camping, you will need a minimum amount to settle in once you get there. Among the equipment you will need is sleeping accommodation. Zoom on the choice of mattress for camping.

What are the different types of camping mattresses?

There are three types of camping mattresses, including closed-cell foam mattresses, air mattresses and self-inflating mattresses. First of all, the closed-cell foam mattress is a basic piece of equipment, the bare minimum for going camping in the great outdoors. It is made from dense foam with small air pockets. It is less compact, less comfortable because it is firmer and more rigid. However, it is very practical thanks to its lightness. It offers good insulation if you are going to a more or less cold region. What's more, it can be rolled and folded for easy storage. Then there is the inflatable camper mattress. This type of mattress is light and compact at the same time. It is very comfortable because you can adjust the inflation as you wish. You can then get a more or less firm or soft mattress. It is not as naturally insulating as a foam mattress, but there are models with an insulating layer to better retain body heat. The only downside is that this RV mattress is expensive. Finally, the self-inflating camping mattress is the best choice for campers. It is made of strong and durable materials. Just like the inflatable mattress, you can control the inflation to achieve a firmer or softer sleeping position. It also provides excellent insulation. Unfortunately, it has a high price and is less compact than the air mattress.

All about the R-value of the mattress

It is important to focus on the R-value of the mattress when going camping. This is an indication of the insulation and resistance of the mattress. The higher the R-value, the more insulating the mattress is. On a scale of 10 it is important to choose an R-value of at least 4. Even if you leave in the middle of summer, the nights remain cool and the floor is always cold. If you are going in winter or to the mountains where the temperature is lower, you should choose a mattress with an R-value of at least 6. If you are going to a region with a mild climate in the summer, an R-value of 3 is more than enough. The mattresses are equipped with an insulating layer for this purpose. While most models are equipped with a synthetic insulation layer, mattresses designed for winter have a more technical insulation layer.

The various characteristics to be taken into account

Once you have chosen the ideal type of mattress and its R-value, you need to evaluate other features to ensure your comfort. First, you need to choose the right dimensions for your mattress. You will find mattresses with different lengths and widths at Matelasnomades. If you are going camping in a backpack and not in a car, you need to focus on the weight and size of the mattress once it has been compacted. Note that lighter models are often more expensive. Finally, take an interest in the shape and construction of your camper mattress. There are rectangular mattresses and cylindrical mattresses. There are models with a flat surface and others with horizontal or vertical grooves. The grooves come in various shapes. Some models have thicker edges to prevent you from falling on the floor. Others have wider grooves on the top to be used as a pillow.
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