Travelling by motorhome

Published on : 02 June 20203 min reading time

The holidays are approaching and, this year, you feel like leaving a little bit at random, letting your desires guide you as the days go by. The motorhome will be the best mode of transport for you. You will be free to stop wherever you like to enjoy a beach or a sunset. All you have to do is choose the most suitable vehicle.

Choosing the right motorhome

The choice will be made first, depending on the number of people and your budget. The range is vast and the differences in comfort are great between a small van and a luxurious fully equipped vehicle. Here is a professional motorhome rental company in Isère which offers several choices of vehicles and several services as well: If you can, try to plan a little larger than necessary for possible rainy days or to avoid, for example, having to transform the dining area into a bed every evening.

Acquiring reflexes

If this is your first trip in a motorhome, you will need to acquire certain reflexes. Checking your water supply is one of them. The vehicle is equipped with a clean water reserve that you will have to fill up every two or three days at campsites, service stations or service stations. Supplying electricity to power your equipment is fairly simple at the reserved areas. But if you are interested in wilderness camping, make sure you have a generator in your camper. As for gas, it will allow you to ensure the operation of the cooking hob, the fridge, the water heater and possibly the heating. It is therefore important to assess the level of the gas bottles.

Driving with peace of mind

Driving such a machine can be chaotic in the first few moments, but nothing prevents you from practicing a little before the start. It is even highly recommended to test drive with the vehicle loaded, as driving and braking are different. You will quickly get used to the gauge. Be careful, however, with the height of the vehicle, which can sometimes hold unpleasant surprises.

Even if the adventure tempts you, it seems beneficial to prepare your trip, especially if you are a novice. Specialized magazines or websites will help you find the places reserved for your mode of transportation and give you ideas for itineraries. You can easily empty the grey water from the shower, the black water from the toilet and refill the water tank.

Finding the right place to settle in

Several solutions are available to you for the night. In the summer, places reserved for motorhome owners are often overcrowded. You will quickly get the impression that you are crammed in with little space to move around. You can then opt for campsites that generally have reserved spaces for these vehicles. Another solution that is developing more and more, is the network of reception at French farmers and producers. Not only will you be quieter, but you will also have the opportunity to enjoy local products. As for wilderness camping, not only is it not generally allowed but it is also not tranquil to sleep in the middle of nature. Instead, choose a small village and ask if you can settle down on the square.

You are now ready for your holidays! The itinerary is ready and the places where to stop are listed. You can let yourself be guided by the encounters and places to visit as you go along.

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